Public Sale ILO
Because of the importance of PCHS to the health of the Peaches.Finance protocol and to ensure diverse, equitable distribution of PCHS and safety of participants funds, Public Sale ILO will be conducted through a trust-less Ethereum Smart Contract MrPeachesSale.
Some of the main features:

Currency Accepted

DAI, Ether
As a result of Public Sale ILO being conducted in US dollars, Ether deposited will be converted right away to DAI through Uniswap at the current Ether/USD Chainlink Oracle price.


After public sale is activated Smart Contract will function only from the input of the users. Developer will not have any special access or privileges and can not adjust or alter conduct of the Public Sale ILO. Making Peaches.Finance a true community project and Peaches ILO a truly unique event.

Locked Peaches

PCHS are locked in the contract until Uniswap Liquidity is generated by one of the users of the protocol.

Liquidity Generation

Automated Liquidity Generation on Uniswap. After Public Sale is closed by one of the users and 30 mins pass Liquidity Generation can be conducted by any user of Peaches.Finance.

Emergency Withdraw

If for any reason Liquidity Generation would not succeed, participants have the ability to withdraw funds deposited 3 days after Public Sale was closed.
As a result of Public Sale ILO being conducted in US dollars Emergency Withdraw function will return only DAI no matter what currency was used to deposit funds.

Liquidity Locked

Uniswap Liquidity is locked in MrPeachesSale contract for 180 days.